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Are you leading the type of life you want to lead?

We walk in straight lines.

It is all we can do in this body on this earth.

By the force of gravity we are anchored to the ground.

That is the law of the land.

Yes, we are all spirits contained in a vessel called a body.

Until we die of course, and our spirit leaves the body and soars back to the stars.

Remember, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so our spirit lives on when our body passes this mortal coil.

But, does our spirit have to be servant to the body during our time on Earth?

Does the law of gravity limit our ability to fly?

Can we be a cosmic traveller?

Can we move from the body to the spirit, from the self to God?

My experience tells me YES!

And I am not a guru or a leader.

Merely an observer of self and others.

And I haven’t joined a sect or become a born again Christian.

I do not have to chant meaningless mantras, or bang a drum, or kiss a dolphin.

We do not have to become followers of someone else’s human construct.

We do not have to be manipulated, or led, or even broken and baptised.

Believe me, being broken is not pleasant.

And having to taste your own blood to change is just plain stupid.

My stupidity showed me that we do not have to experience pain to change for the better.

We can change if we choose.

It really is that simple.

Albert Einstein proved in his theory of relativity that the truth is limited.

Reality is relative.

In other words, any experience and the resultant choice and outcome is dependent on OUR perception.

And our journey from the Earth to the Spirit, or from our body to God is how we choose it to be…

So, taking that proven logic one step further, if we choose to make a decision based on past experience we are literally choosing an outcome we know will occur.

Now if that outcome causes pain and loss, then we are prophets of our own demise.

Shall we sit in the noise of our mind and walk in a straight line to a known fate, or do we take the scenic route and embrace freedom of choice?

Do not follow the pack.

Do not follow the noise of the past.

Do not follow the whisper of regret and remorse.

Do not listen to self criticism.

If you are listening to chaos and anger and resentment you are listening to the discontent and landslides of the Earth.

Are you a cosmic traveller?

Do you believe in your divine destiny?

Then listen to the Stars.

The Stars are silent.

Listen to the silence between the stimulus and the behaviour.

For me that silence is God and God made the stars.

We are not vessels walking in straight lines waiting for the day we die.

We are Spirits yearning to be free.

Freedom of choice.

And when I listen to the silence, my God gives me freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice is the greatest gift a man or woman can experience.

So, go to the silence and listen.

Truly listen.

Close your eyes and look into the darkness.

There is always a light behind the dark, and we all have a light.

Go to the light and listen for the silence.

Swim in the silence and listen.

The voice will come.

His voice.


And God is in you and it does not need an altar or a song.

Ask yourself this question:

Who are you?

Who are you?


What do you want?

Who do you want to be?

Are you leading the type of life you want to lead?

And God will say to you….

If not, why not?

Let me pose this question again:

Are you leading the type of life you want to lead? If not, why not?

Need to read more?

Read about the new heavenly village in One Day, One Life: P. 168-170. One Day One Life

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