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Living, Giving and Working Abundantly. 

Living, Giving and Working Abundantly. 

Living, Giving and Working Abundantly. 

ONE Consultancy is at the heart of a
philanthropy revolution.

We are a specialist organisation rethinking and nurturing why and how people give.

We work with charities, corporates and NFPs to identify, cultivate and solicit high-net-worth and corporate fundraising opportunities across Australia and Southeast Asia. Our work is centred around our signature ‘Abundance’ model, which recognises that just as people are beneficiaries of giving, people are also the givers, and donors are as important as the people receiving the gifts. Fundraising in the modern day should not be transactional, but a relationship from the heart.

What do we offer?

We offer a range of services to bring your fundraising strategy to life, including:

  • Fundraising consultancy focusing on major and principal gifts
  • Board, Executive and Stakeholder Mapping and Advisory service
  • 1:1 or team mentoring – personal and professional
  • In-depth and long-term relationship qualification, cultivation and solicitation
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Our guiding principles for philanthropy:

Our core goal is to put the heart back into fundraising.

The organisations that need sustainable, long-term support to realise their high-impact missions, also need a deep-seated belief in what they do. This can only come from the heart, and therefore it is crucial that fundraising is about relationships, not about money.

Our guiding principles for philanthropy are people-first principles:

  • The inside is reflected outside – this is true of the state of the self, and the
  • Relationships always come first – with each other, and with the donor.
  • Mission, purpose and community are centred to create the right climate of giving.
  • Operational integrity and efficiency are crucial to the realisation of the mission.
  • We lead with passion, joy and purpose and position experiences of hardship as a strength

These principles guide the way we encourage organisations to collaborate internally with each other, and how we work with donors.

People work in the not-for-profit space for the heart connection. Driving people to achieve results is often incongruous with this personal motivation. We train teams to work in balance of body, mind and spirit to nurture a legacy of abundance between an organisation and donor. What does this mean? It means we teach fundraisers to trust their intuition – to follow the lead of a donor, over the hard-line imperatives of the organisation to reach the best result.

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