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Finding Order in the Simple Things

In the intricate dance of existence, amidst the challenges and complexity that often engulf our…
April 13, 2024

Strange isn’t it?

Strange isn’t it, how the discontent arrives uninvited when all is well, and you have…
December 16, 2023

Dana or the act of Giving.

Outside a Buddhist temple 30 kilometres southwest of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Dana, often translated as…
November 25, 2023

Yes and No. No or Yes?

Yes and No. No or Yes. The words are bouncing around this ancient, red land.…
September 11, 2023

A Son’s Lament

If I forgot about myself, would you still remember me?         Maybe, as the last rays…
September 2, 2023
ADHDAnxietybookOne Day One Life

How to write a book (or two) with ADHD and anxiety.

One Day One Life took three years to write and was finally published by Balboa…
August 28, 2023