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Living, Giving and Working Abundantly. 

Living, Giving and Working Abundantly. 

Living, Giving and Working Abundantly. 

Our Philosophy

Helping others and giving are human experiences. The ultimate aim of charity is enlightenment, and yet the imperative to ‘ask’ for charity is based on something completely different. 

The founders of the doing good organisations around us set them up to provide voices for those without. Their intentions are directly aligned with the reasons donors give and the legacies they want to create. After all, funders support the vision, and not the strategic plan or revenue goals. And yet, the divide between the intention and the bottom line is greater than ever. 

The future of philanthropy is at a turning point. We have moved away from the heart-driven notions of altruism and charity, in the effort to do more, be more, and reach more people. In this process of self-focus, we close off a door to our most visionary, authentic selves. This is true of individuals, teams and organisations on the whole. And, when we are not true to self we wither and die. Harsh, but accurate. This is the sad fate of many brilliant fundraising careers and social impact organisations. 

The mind, body and soul of the donor and the charity representative need to be aligned. If the experience is superficial and transactional, it becomes negative. A transformative giving experience for a donor or partner is about turning the mind away from the material and focusing on the fulfillment that can be gained. Giving should not only benefit the charity, it should also make the giver feel good about themselves and in turn build a long-term, visionary relationship. 

This is why we do what we do, and it’s where the best results lie. When we are most centred, aligned and present, we experience a state of flow. And in that flow, we are open to the possibilities. This is how the most transformative giving takes place, and this is why it is critical that fundraising is driven by heart.

About us 

ONE Consultancy is led by Director David Stewart, philanthropy specialist and published author. In addition to his honed business expertise in the philanthropy arena, Dave has personally developed a one-on-one, confidential and empathetic support space for executives, leaders, high profile individuals and boards in the men’s health, addiction and anxiety space. He is an accomplished author of two books, Pilgrim and One Day One Life. 

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