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Facebook is my personal thermometer for wellness. If I have the app on for more than a few days I become sick.

Facebook is my personal thermometer for wellness.

In other words, when I am using Facebook I know it is time to delete the app from my mobile phone and go and breathe the fresh air.

If I have the app on my phone for more than a few days I become sick.

Boy, can I get worked up on Facebook.

‘How dare they bag my beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs!’

‘Gee, some of my old school mates have turned into right wing, fascist pigs!’

‘That Pauline Hanson is an awful woman.’

‘I’ve been working full time for 37 years. This Federal government is just wasting my hard earned taxes!’

‘If I was the minister for Education and Health I would build more schools and hospitals. How hard is it?’

‘It should be compulsory to read and write English.’

‘They are all drunks. Have another schooner you loud mouthed yobbo!’

‘God it is embarrassing to be an Aussie!’

‘Why can’t Americans wake up to the fact that they are the laughing stock of the world!!’

It goes on and on and on.

And I get more and more worked up…..

Yet my public reason for using Facebook is to keep in touch with family and friends but the emotionally honest reason is that Facebook is a platform for my ego, self righteousness, insecurity, resentment and fear.

Women seem to use Facebook with more wisdom and less ego than men however it still baffles me why so many Aussie girls get so wound up by Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump posts.

Really, who cares about US politics?

WWE wrestling is much more interesting and realistic! (smile)

But that is their choice and a very wise person once told me that you have to give people the grace to make their own decisions even if they are the wrong decisions. (small smile)

The Facebook corporate mission statement began “to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.” and in early 2017 changed “to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.”

Facebook executives realized that their platform was more effective at creating ‘oppositional’ communities so the emphasis changed from creating community to sharing stuff, whether it be positive or factual.

Facebook is a business empire and controversy and anger sells.

Theatres, art galleries, gardens and parks are more effective at building communities and they are all free of charge.

Unfortunately, Facebook has become like the public bar in an Australian pub at 10pm, where the patrons have had too much to drink. They are all talking drivel and crap, no one is listening and the discussion has narrowed down to sport, politics, religion and sex.

The vibe has changed from merriment to passive aggression and unless last drinks are called there is bound to be a fight.

The patrons who are the loudest hold centre stage.

And we all know that being loud doesn’t mean being right.

Masculinity and femininity warps from quiet courage and resolve to noisy, brassy bravado.

It becomes a shit fight and the toilets fill up with urine and vomit.

That for me is Facebook – an open sewer.

It is a real shame.

And I am not making judgement on Facebook users because I fall into the same trap.

It is observation.

So, I am taking a leaf out of my own well worn book and deleting Facebook.

For the same reason I stopped drinking alcohol.

You see, in small quantities alcohol is a wonderful social lubricant but any more and it becomes the most damaging, destructive drug on the planet.

The constant and repeated use of alcohol turns decent men and women into pickled, sour prunes.

So, Facebook deleted.

Oh, look there’s a Kookaburra in the gum tree outside.

I’m going to take the dog for a walk with my wife and then have a body surf in the ocean.

Serenity now.

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