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Bike Ride to Ban Kat is a novel and my second book.

It is a love story with the good and the bad, but more good – if you are prepared to look.

The premise is you find what you seek:

  • longing
  • lust
  • loss
  • love

The tale is set in Chiang Mai, the largest city in Northern Thailand, framed by mountains and sitting astride the Ping River. Formed in the 13th Century as the mystical capital of the Lana Kingdom.

Our main character Dane is on a journey of redemption and as he gets lost in the back lanes, temptations and temples of Chiang Mai, he will meet a man from the past he presumed long dead. In shock, he stumbles into the old city market and is introduced to Yoshi, a Japanese ‘ton bun’ (holy man).

Dane learns to make bean curd and travels with Yoshi to Kings Mountain, a Buddhist temple and worship compound created by a charismatic, hermit monk.

After an extended period of magical meditation Dane takes a meandering bike ride down the mountain to the trading town of Ban Kat where he finds passion and purpose.

As Dane moves in out of the Spirit the reader will think and ponder on the many questions posed.

‘We are all born righteous. What will you do with such a gift?’

Need to read more?

This is an excerpt from One Day, One Life: P. 136-7. One Day One Life

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