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Loyalty, empathy and love are concepts for weaker, softer men

Western, right wing democracy is fast becoming an angry, forgotten old man.

Here he sits on his fading, front porch in his favourite, rotting swing chair, with a loaded shot gun resting by his side. As he gazes out to his large, broken farm land his gapped, toothed grandsons pour him Cool Ade into chipped glasses, stolen from a Las Vegas casino. All his neighbours despise him, his family has disowned him and he shot his last dog in a drunken, curse filled rage.

Loyalty, empathy and love are concepts for weaker, softer men.

All he has are memories of so-called better times, when he believed he was ‘great’. His dusty war medals hang on a peeling veneer panel next to a photo of him shaking O.J.’s oustretched hand.

Out back, a once regal Pontiac rusts quietly in a fading, waning sun. A Caterpillar trench digger stands sentinel to fields littered with weeds and dead bugs.

Fences stand defiantly, to a demise that surely comes, the white, peeling paint a sign of prouder, better times.

In a railway town 20 miles away, frozen wheat silos, throw shadows behind. Always behind. Echoes and screams of spectral, war vets haunt the crevices between the dirt and the cement.

Wasted lives.

Broken families.

Stolen faith.

Yes, Western democracy no longer offers meaning. It has stopped being credible, and this is not just observation.

It is fact.

As our beautiful planet buckles and dries on its axis, old, right wing men argue and posture over ego and guns.

God help us all.

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