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She looks at you with that sweet, sidewards little smile

My little sister is getting married.

Long time loved.

Long time coming.

Two hearts, two families, many moments lived.

Sometimes joyous.

Sometimes sad but always a victory.

Because accepting the next breath is a victory.

And sometimes acceptance can be a choice.

And yes, the choice may make you gag, but my sister always chooses love and kindness.

This proud woman chooses life.

And choosing life and love may mean choosing pain but my sister has taught me that we have such a short time on this planet to make it right.

And making it right means forgiving the wrongs.

And the longer I live she helps me realise there are no wrongs or rights.

It just is and it just was.

It comes down to us.

What do we choose?

Do we sit in the past gazing at our navels, picking at the belly button fluff of those who have not done what we seemed right?

Or do we look to the present by owning the day?

And I know her gaze is always in front, her hand is always outstretched to hold the hand of those who choose to walk forward.

Step by step.

On her road, but maybe not her path.

We have our paths and they may be different, but as long as the paths merge we walk in the same direction.

So, I walk my path and I walk her road.

And her road winds forward with a few forks in the way.

Why walk backward?

Walking backwards is difficult.

Have you tried to walk backwards?

Go on, go outside and try to walk down your street backwards.

It is fucking hard!

We are not made to walk behind so why do we let our minds wander into the past?

So, I look to my little sister, and I follow.

She walks forward, out in front yet side by side.

And she will let you walk with her.

Talk to you and look at you with that sweet, sidewards little smile.

And the frown may come but it doesn’t last long.

It doesn’t matter.

Because she forgives and loves.

So, I will forgive and love.

It is her choice.

It is my choice.

It has always been my family’s choice.

To forgive……and that is why we are so strong.

Yes, my little sister is getting married to a beautiful man.

And we welcome him with open arms.

Because guess what?

His heart is full of forgiveness and kindness and he has made a home of dogs and cats and kids.

It is a home of love.

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