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Pilgrim is a short fiction novel by David Stewart which deals with the spiritual journey of an Australian Aboriginal man called Daniel. The book is written in the philosophical and magical genre, with powerful, punchy and lyrical prose. Stewart wrote the book having spent considerable time with his wife and family in Northern Thailand.
The story revolves around a middle aged, clean and sober addict who leaves his home and high paying finance career in Sydney on a quest for Truth and Purpose. Our main character Daniel embarks on a journey that takes him from the comfort and wealth of Sydney to the allure and mysticism of Chiang Mai, the Lana capital of Northern Thailand. This leads him through the range of human experiences from longing and lust, to passion, pleasure, boredom, loss and love. On the way Daniel meets monks, demons, spirits and gods. This mind altering odyssey finally takes him to the strange and other worldly Kings Mountain, where he faces temptations and supernatural tests that reward Daniel with peace and practical wisdom.
Wisdom won through the power of women.
This is a love story told through the eyes of God. A love story with the good and the bad but more good, if you are prepared to look.
Pilgrim is book one in the trilogy Bike Ride to Ban Kat, and David’s second book.
His first book, One Day One Life – the propaganda of success is a biographical look at his struggles with addiction and anxiety and a passionate, social commentary on Western society;

“If you allow yourself to wind your way slowly through this book it will wrap itself around your heart and seep into your soul. There is much hard-earned and prophetic wisdom in her pages. Whilst this should be read by everyone living in Sydney its words resonate far beyond this city to the heart of what it means to be a part of the family of humanity. You won’t read this book, this book will read you…“ Jon Owen, CEO of Wayside Chapel.

“I’m so grateful that our paths crossed through your book. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me to be a better person. Love and light.” Kate, Perth.

“Just wanted to thank you personally for your contribution to society in penning ‘One Day One Life, the propaganda of success.” As a sober alcoholic of more than three years, Western capitalism nearly killed me. I am finally free. I quit my corporate job, now helping women suffering as a direct result of Western impairments and disabilities. Thank you again. You rock!” Gullu, Melbourne.

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