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A waking meditation my son.

Imagine you are a small black fly caught in a spider web. It is a beautiful sunny day. The web is fine and glistens with the early morning dew. You are hanging in the delicate strands of the web metres off the ground. Suspended in the upper canopy of a large banyan tree. This is the web of a female, giant northern, golden orb weaver. Nephilia pilipes. You can sense her many eyes watching. You. And now she moves. Even though you are her breakfast you marvel at her beauty. She is large. Twenty centimetres round with delicate, long legs dipped in gold. She picks her way over the web.

You almost feel honoured to be her meal. Fear is present but as death approaches the fear dissipates. Death is an experience. The spider’s name is Dawn. And she welcomes you to her world. Her eyesight is poor so she draws closer. She senses your body blocking the morning light. You make a decision not to struggle as her eight eyes come into your line of sight.

She is close. Intimately so.

‘Welcome.’ Dawn says. And she strikes. It is sudden and sensual. Not violent. Natural. And her poison surges into your whisper thin circulatory system. As you transition into the next stage your energy changes. Quietens. Remember. Energy is never destroyed. It moves in the web of life.

As you float away from Dawn and her web, you drift downwards in ever widening circles. Dropping through the canopy. Notice how the ground gently approaches. As you reach the floor of the forest you let yourself settle among the leaves and bugs. Feel the moist air. Smell the lichen. Breathe.

Let your chest expand like a gossamer balloon. Notice what you see. Notice what you feel. Let your awareness settle. Feel the deep serenity and quiet calm. Again. Breathe. Now, let go of who you were. Let the molecules and atoms that made up your body disperse. Watch them float away. You are now the forest floor. Part of Mother Earth. Rich, dark loam. You have returned. Earth to Earth.

Deep down in the crust of the planet a resonating rumble signals your arrival. Welcome home my son. You are loved. Welcome home.

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