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Sorry we are closed.

Some days, wouldn’t you like to hang this sign out to the world.

Sorry people, I am closed for business.

Not looking at you.

Not talking.

Not stepping out into the day.

It is all too hard.

Just like the bakery when the ovens decide not to work.

‘Dear customers, we have no bread.’

The door is closed and the yeast is in the cupboard.

Come back another day…..preferably next week.

I have decided to shun human connection and sit in a darkened room watching re-runs of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy until I can quote Gollum verbatim.

To ensure my isolation I will pizza ordered in and sleep in the crumbs and stale discards of cheese and onion chips.

Coke Zero will be my lord and master.

What did you say Gollum?

‘It hurtsss, the light hurtttss!’

So I will draw the blinds closer and roll my doona tighter and retreat into the sweet abyss of the Middle Earth.

Regrettably, Lord of the Rings is fantasy and so is hanging up the ‘sorry we are closed’ sign.

Life can be challenging.

In fact, I argue that our natural state is discontent.

Happiness is in fact a choice and a difficult choice because we can always find a person, place or thing to distract us via resentment, fear and anger.

It is easy to wallow in our own self-pity.

Need to read more?

This is an excerpt from One Day, One Life: P. 136-7. One Day One Life

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