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How do we live with passion and purpose?

How do we live with passion and purpose?

In her ground breaking book How To Find and Follow Your Calling (2009), Annie Stewart (pictured) breaks the process down into Two Phases:

Phase One – Find Your Calling/Purpose;

Step 1 Awakening

Step 2 Preparing

Step 3 Exploring

Step 4 Naming

Phase Two – Living Your Calling;

Step 5 Building

Step 6 Choosing

Step 7 Sustaining & Giving

By the way, Annie is my elder sister. She’s an amazing woman. A mother, A leader, A coach.

She gives and loves as hard as any woman I know.

My younger sister Margie is the same.

My wife Donalee is another woman of huge gentleness and courage.

They are strong contributors and achievers but deliver with zero bravado.

All women have lived huge lives not just for themselves, but for the families and communities.




They live with passion and purpose.

And their secret?

Pretty simple really….

Family and community.

As I learned in my selfish pursuit of ego and power, it’s not the trophies we collect that makes the man. It’s the connection to family and community that leaves the lasting legacies.

However, the journey to realizing that the magic of passion and purpose is between two human beings and not an inside job can be painful and challenging.

As Annie explains in her book, we generally need to hear of feel a ‘calling’ before we make that first step towards what I call ‘freedom of choice.’

And that ‘calling’ can come in many forms;

  • a thought
  • a feeling
  • an event (good or bad)
  • an interaction with a person, place or thing
  • a spiritual experience
  • an act of God even…

It’s not straight forward is it?

Bloody complicated.

So, in order to break the shackles and clear the air on finding your passion and purpose, Annie and I are coming together to deliver a workshop at the end of this year.

It will be a short, Sunday afternoon session in the Sydney summer sunshine.

Well, the air will be warmer, our hearts will break open and hopefully, the sun will be shining outside.

And if the sun isn’t shining, that’s ok.

All we can control are our own reactions.

And we will react!

Tears, laughter, smiles and hopefully…….resolution and change.

Yeah baby!

Freedom of choice.

Need to read more?

Read more about love from One Day, One Life: P. 171-175. One Day One Life

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