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Simple Blessings
Unconditional Love

As a father, my three sons are my rocks.

They know who I am as a man, and I know them.

We do not fight.

We don’t have to.

Why fight with people you love?


Unconditional love.

The understanding built through emotional honesty cuts through the justification.

Knowing they are there is enough, but I raised them to let them go and enjoy their personal perspective on manhood. Even though we can be physically apart, they never go.

They are always with me, and I walk with them.

What a blessing!

Simple blessings.

The clock turns and so does the love;

Driving my son to work as the city awakens. Awakening.

Simple blessings. Unconditional love. Smiling. Really smiling …

Man to man we share the peace the daybreak offers. Heating up …

His face, strong and handsome. Stunningly strong. My son. Blood.

His hand, our hands, direct vital lines. Celtic veins and ancient tribes.

A cathedral’s sparkling pier forms … there  … on top of the hill.

Another father waits on the sidewalk, his tiny daughter grips tight.

Sharing a banana. Sweet, strong, supple, unbending love. Fatherhood.

She looks up at his lived in face and grins. Grins wide. So wonderfully wide.

We’ve been here before, my son and me—he winks at me. Sharing. Nodding.

Macquarie Street. Old jail. Hospital. Parliament. Convict ghosts. Tendrils.

Coffee? No, this is stimulation enough. Simple, real, raw, and achingly good.

There’s a woman on my mind. Car trip away. Sensual, new, and pulsing pure.

So beautiful, so kind. A woman, not an image. Real.

Father-true, mother-made. Brother, sister—to prove her love. I want her touch.

He walks away, and my heart starts to call. No … let him go. Your son, but his life.

Feel the freedom, joy, and separation of love. There’s a woman on his mind.

Taste your desire, my gorgeous boy. Her blood. Her tears. Hold her tightly. Close.

Woman on my mind. A heartbeat away. Her hair falls just so. My finger folds it back.

The door opens, closes, and he is gone.

His shadow leaves my sight. So handsome. Simple moment, simple blessing.


A short note plays on the radio, fruit vendor caress my beating heart. Bananas.

Bananas, bending, bonding, glowing yellow, shining bright.

There’s women on our minds.”

Finally, sometimes a video says more than words, so as an added bonus this week, I welcome you to watch my video series:

Father and Son Part Three – Tom and Dave. Tom talks about his nine months without alcohol and how his whole life has turned around. A physical, mental and emotional re-birth



Need to read more?

This is an excerpt from One Day, One Life: P. 37-38. One Day One Life

I would love to see every young person in Australia have a year off alcohol.


Freedom of choice.

Alcohol dilutes freedom of choice and fills the silence with noise.


And yes, there is great joy in the distortion of reality.

It can be a helluva ride and big part of me says to go for it!

Enjoy the ride!

A smaller part of me is jealous, because it is a lot of fun.

However, the wiser part of me says it’s time to put the issue on open forum.

Public debate.

I believe it is the largest social problem in Australia and walks hand-in-hand with credit card debt.

Our youth are bombarded by images of beautiful women on beautiful boats sipping chilled vodka.

In magazines.


Social media celebrates the rite of passage of public, drunken degradation.

And if it remained just a rite of passage, alcohol abuse may be acceptable, but it is not.

It becomes a lifetime scourge that deforms, stunts, and corrupts.

It stops people growing.

It mires communities into drama and violence, and it keeps society on the back foot.

And guess what?

I would love to see every young man and woman in Australia have a whole year alcohol-free.

As adults.

To see what it is like to live without alcohol in your system.

To experientially give every mature Aussie a social freedom of choice.

To feel your nerves tingling and tangling without anxiety.

To feel all your senses come alive with joy.

Seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, and touching.

Amplified, not dulled.

To experience the beauty and wonder of sober sex.

To look into your loved one’s yes and really see the person behind the iris.

Really see.

Need to read more?

This is an excerpt from One Day, One Life: P. 136-7. One Day One Life

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