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Ultra right wing neanderthals or left wing screamers seem to swamp open debate

Who else is sick of the bigots and blowhards dominating public opinion and social media?

Either ultra right wing neanderthals or left wing screamers seem to swamp open debate.

And no longer can the ridicule sit solely with the men.

I’ve met and listened to a few women that make the most dangerous men seem like innocent, fluffy puppies.

That old adage of the fairer sex is not only unfair for women in general but is misleading for men.

Women can be just as damaged and nasty as men.

And men can be just as sweet and kind as women.

And good women do not need to be sweet, but strength coupled with kindness is the greatest attraction for either sex.

Strong women who spit venom in your face are as unappealing as weak men who dribble poison behind your back.

Ugly is ugly and that has nothing to do with physical looks or gender.

In simple terms, the entrenched, old, white male system of patriarchy can be just as nasty as the left wing ranting of ‘men hating’ women.

Neither serve their own sex or society well.

And in the end, these angry individuals and disenfranchised groups just deny themselves peace and happiness.

Resentment breeds anger.

Both come from anxiety and fear.

And resentment feeds on itself like a rabid beast.

It is all consuming.

I neither enjoy listening to right wing, gun toting, border closing, nuclear bomb shelter building, white male pigs NOR ultra left wing, single topic driven, Trotsky loving, ‘men hating’ women.

All of it is divisive noise, bother and froth.

Both pour petrol on the same fire of hate.

What either side fail to see is they are both sewer from the same drain.

They both want to ‘drain the swamp’ but they are so bogged down in the mire that if the swamp was drained they would all go down the gurgle first.

And no one would be there to wave them goodbye because decent people just don’t listen to their rhetoric.

Why then does it echo over our sound waves and scream from our mobile phones and laptops?

Public debate is a good thing.

Freedom of speech is a God given right.

Opinion should be encouraged.

But like any fair, open system the calm and the decent can be swamped by the noisy and the foul.

Unfortunately, rhetoric is more dramatic so social media promotes and encourages the reaction it creates.

So, the uneducated and unworldly are dragged into their nets.

Take for example the way Australians have been dragged into the Trump V Hillary melee.

As an Aussie I simply say.

Who cares?

Neither are attractive or amazing human beings.

It has nothing to do with gender or social good.

It has all to do with ultra right V ultra left.

Both have succeeded through power and privilege yet their supporters seem to forget that simple fact.

So, I have a suggestion.

How about we forget who is male and who is female?

How about we close down the engines of the ultra left and ultra right by not feeding into their noise?

How about we all start switching off Facebook and Twitter?

And how about we start promoting people who are educated, kind and humble?

Not a bad start me thinks.

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